Innovative active cosmetics treatments

30 minutes

For lifting, firming, densifying, plumping and
without surgery.

Innovative active cosmetics treatments

30 minutes

Lifts, firms, densifies, plumps and illuminates skin without surgery

The natural, safe alternative to cosmetic surgery,
high-performance treatments with visible and immediate
effects on the signs of aging


The action of our skincare products on
age markers is
visible from the very first


All our ingredients are
naturally sourced. We
exclude all
synthetic ingredients from our formulas*.


Our treatments are accompanied by
protocols for a holistic
and sensory experience

100% Anti-Aging

We focus all our research and efforts on developing innovative anti-ageing skincare products to act on the various aspects of skin ageing.


100% Nature

At the heart of all our treatments lies the richness, power and mystery of plant biodiversity. We are inspired by this treasure trove of benefits, and have made it our only resource.


100% Social Marketing

To be closer to you, and to maintain our independence from mass retailers, we have opted for direct selling to distribute our products.


100% Anti-Aging

Multi-active skincare
to fight the signs of aging

100% Nature

All the power of nature
concentrated in our products

100% Social Marketing

Direct sales as the
distribution channel

100% Anti-Aging

Two collections for a complete anti-aging renewal program

KALPA Collection

Intense correction masks

Our alternative to cosmetic medicine procedures:
Plump, smooth, firm, densify and illuminate your skin, in just 30 minutes at home.

Kalpa anti-aging cosmetics collection opus nova

Each KALPA mask is a true concentrate of effectiveness.
They all have been developed to astonish you with visible results from the very first use, accompanied by a selection of unforgettable sensations.

They are an excellent way of avoiding or postponing the need for cosmetic medical procedures.
They are also skin care products formulated to the highest cosmetic standards, whose repeated use has a lasting effect on the health, beauty and balance of your skin.

All products in the KALPA collection are multi-formula treatments based on professional "cabin" protocols that we have adapted for easy application at home.

CIRCA DIEM Collection

Global youth routine, day-night cycle

Moisturize, nourish, cleanse, detoxify, protect, regenerate...
the ideal daily routine for visibly rejuvenated skin

The CIRCA DIEM collection offers a range of highly innovative daily skin care products developed to work in harmony with the skin's circadian cycle.

CIRCA DIEM products are powerful anti-aging products that concentrate the latest developments in regenerative medicine in their formulas. They are designed to cover all your skin's needs, whatever your age or skin type may be.
We have created them to offer you the ideal daily routine, for sublimated and preserved skin.

Our products are dermatologist-tested
Our protocols are adapted for easy-to-use skin care at home
100% ingredients of natural origin
In compliance with ISO 16128

0% synthetic ingredients
Artificial fragrances
Artificial colors
Listed preservatives

100% Nature

 "Experience the forces at work in the plant life". 

is powerful in our formulas

Our treatments are designed to work fast

Apply - Feel - See

Our skin care products reflect the power of Nature that infuses their formulas. Our active ingredients are selected from among the most effective in the plant life. We assemble them into powerful synergistic combinations. For this reason, our treatments deliver unrivalled, rapidly visible results on the signs of aging.

Our treatments are multi-active

Reflecting the diversity of the plant life, OPUS NOVA skincare products combine several scientific approaches to
simultaneously act on all age markers: wrinkles, fine lines, density, firmness, elasticity, radiance, imperfections...

is our only resource

Zero compromise and maximum safety

To offer you absolutely safe formulas, we use no synthetic ingredients. All the raw materials used in our products come exclusively from renewable natural resources*.

Our formulas are 100% natural*.

The genetic diversity of the plant life is one of mankind's most important natural resources. It is by relentlessly exploring this wealth that we isolate the rare and powerful active ingredients that make up our formulas.
*in accordance with ISO 16128 standards.

Nature also
heals the mind

Holistic pleasure is an integral part of the OPUS NOVA experience

Our treatments are designed to provide you with an intense and rich multi-sensory experience: their action on the skin, felt during application, the surprising textures, the subtle fragrances... These multiple sensations sublimate the time spent taking care of ourselves, and have a positive effect on our emotional state.

100% pleasure rituals

This "body-mind" approach has been handed down to us by traditional medicines, which have cultivated a holistic, interdependent relationship with the plant world since the dawn of humanity.
Our products are developed without any animal testing
Our products are developed and manufactured in France
Our cardboard comes from sustainable forest management
All our packaging are recyclable

100% Social Marketing

OPUS NOVA has chosen direct selling to distribute its products

Our customers are
in their purchase

Receiving an OPUS NOVA consultant means sharing a moment of exchange and conviviality.

In a society that lacks human relations, it's gratifying to act in order to re-establish social connections!

and satisfaction guaranteed

Our customers can test our products before they buy them, and benefit from personalized advice.

The close relationship between OPUS NOVA demonstators and their clients creates a relationship of mutual trust.

...and find a new balance

From additional income to a real remuneration, the OPUS NOVA program offers a wide range of configurations for remunerating the commitment of home-based saleswomen and relationship marketing enthusiasts.

the training you need to succeed!

We're committed to your success. The OPUS NOVA training program is completely free.

It covers all aspects of your direct selling business: products, sales, career development...

Direct from the
without any third party
Direct selling
means more
social connexion
Test our
products before
  you buy!
Allow yourself
an extra

Because less intermediaries mean less costs, and therefore more affordable products.

Because the human dimension is at the heart of our project.

Because we value the trust relationship that exists between a consumer and her demonstrator.

To redistribute in our community rather than to the big retailers.

To maintain our independence from marketing and create products freely inspired by our desire to satisfy our customers.

Because we prefer to invest in research rather than advertising

Because sharing moments with our community is the reward for our efforts

About us

We are a team of experienced developers with a passion for anti-aging skincare.

Science, physiology and the infinite resources of NATURE are the DNA of our products, while the study of TRADITIONAL MEDICINE constantly reminds us of the importance of our holistic relationship with the Universe.

DIRECT SELLING is our second passion,
for the freedom to create products free from the constraints of marketing, and above all for its human dimension, with all the rewards it brings.

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